Thursday, 10 January 2013

Funny Tricks of Notepad in your Computer

Funny Notepad Tricks:
     Hi friends I think you are using my blog enjoying and sharing the things that I have just posted for you.
     Thank you for visiting it.

           Today I will tell you two funny tricks of Notepad on your pc,laptop etc.

  1.    Open your Notepad just type  ".LOG" in first line.(not include quotes)
  2.    Hit Enter Button and type anything you want and save it.
  3.    Next time when you will open It automatically adds Date and time every time you open  Just check.

Now Second One:

  1. Open Notepad file type   "dont eat the donut" .
  2. and Not include anything in this and save it anywhere Now open it
  3. Now you won't see that you write there.
  How was it ? Not a funny Computer trick.   


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